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Window displays: 

Weir & Sons, Dublin

Weir & Sons wanted a classic Christmas scene with a vintage feel, so I turned this small space with a permanent shelf into an elf’s workshop. I turned it into a North Pole log cabin workshop complete with a window to the snowy meadow outside. The story of the elf who worked here was Max the elf. He had won an award for his excellent jewellery box making skills. He proudly hung his award above his vintage Singer sewing machine with knobbly wooden stool. The homely cabin featured lots of storytelling elements from vintage ice skates, the furry rug, hot chocolate and marshmallows and candy canes, because everyone knows elves have a strict diet. I added some movement with three cute little puppy teddies that looked like they were breathing and fast asleep. Once passers by had spotted the puppies they went up for a closer look and an abundance of products surrounded them. Looking for a Christmas window this year? We should talk about your vision


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