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Wedding packages: The Forest Package

This package includes greenery and on-the-day styling, plus delivery and collection. The Forest Package has it all, anything you can dream up is included in this package. If you don’t see what you are looking for in the options, let’s have a chat and see what we can do. Elk is Pinterest come to life so if you have something in mind that you can't spot, we will more than likely be able to make it for you! Drop us a mail so we can chat! 

The Forest Package includes: 

  • ​Artistic installations 

  • Hanging pieces from the trees 

  • Hanging pieces indoors, if the venue is suitable 

  • Gin bar displays

  • Photo-op backdrop options

  • Centre-pieces

  • Special lighting installations

  • Ceremony decor

  • Custom-made signage

  • Lots of styles to choose from: wood, blackboard, acrylic ... etc

  • Light-up LOVE sign

  • Light-up drinks reception sign

  • Customised seating plan

  • Extra styling features for creating lavish scenes

  • Greenery and on-the-day styling! 


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