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Baby got backdrops!

Creating a stunning backdrop for your wedding ceremony will give your day an instant lift. This is your first opportunity to show off your personal style and fill your guests with excitement while they wait for you to come strutting down the aisle! When it comes to backdrops, Elk kills it!

Here's our top 10 Elk backdrops in no particular order, as we love them all:

1. (Copper) diamonds are a girl's best friend

It’s been a minute since I made these stunning copper diamonds and I have hung them from beams, trees and backdrops. I even made smaller ones for centrepieces but that’s a blog post for another day.

2. Show up for the glow up!

Just look at this copper free-standing frame with retro bulbs and delicate greenery ... swoon!

3. She’s smokin'!

I originally made this installation for a music festival. It worked out so well I decided to incorporate it into my wedding styling. The piece is called Slow Smoke and stood as a reminder to savour the fun times in the now - take a moment to look around you and enjoy the feeling of the moment.

4. No shade!

No shade. Just a gorgeous picnic for two.

5. Well, you’re lookin’ crate!

I've collected lots of crates over the years and I absolutely love them - they are so versatile. Here I used them as the star of the show but they come in handy when I’m making structures like a gin bar outside. But, again ... that’s for another blog!


Pro tip: Elk created some of these as photo-op backdrops for later on in the day. Photo-ops always encourage guests to mingle around and you end up with guest book filled to the brim!


6. Shake your tail feather!

This one took about eleventeen million years to make and lasted about 15 minutes, but it was so worth it for the amazing shots we got, and the fun experience. I initially thought, 'what’s romantic?' Yep, kissing in the rain! But what would be a nice, delicate substitute for rain so nobody gets drenched? A storm of feathers, of course!

7. Perfect circle

This one speaks for itself. Wood circles bound together with rope and clusters of flowers.

8. Suits and ladders

Bringing a rustic look into an urban space can have a big impact, because you see every beautiful mossy detail. This ladder arch was the first frame I ever made, so it’s got a really special place in my heart!

9. Love triangles

No, not that kind of love triangle! Wood triangles with clusters of flowers and paper cone droplets for good measure.

10. Paper cut

I took a photography paper roll and cut different shapes into it. I love doing this kind of thing, so if you're interested in the process you should check out my Instagram IGTV for a very satisfying speedy video.

Phew, and that's just my top 10 ... I could go on! If any of these backdrops float your boat then ping me a mail and let's talk about making your day look this mega.

If it's a stunning backdrop you're after for your wedding ceremony then we should definitely chat!

LK x



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