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Windlow displays: Dollard & Co., 2018

The second window display I created for Dollard & Co. was a winter, Christmas scene. I created a glowing town with hundreds of houses under a canopy of stars. I wanted to evoke a sentimental mood with this handmade scene - the paper town reflected the warmth of the city at Christmas time. This piece took seven weeks to hand craft as there was so much detail in the structure and houses, and a Dollard &Co.-branded train surrounded the town with trailers full of gifts. Once January came along Dollard & Co. chose to keep the cosy town for a few more winter months, so I decided to warm it up a bit with a sunrise/sunset backdrop. I wanted to create a sense of hope for a fresh new start for the town with a canopy of leaves and blossoms. I hung some floating clouds to give the scene more depth and a gentle sense of calm weather. The town still lit up at night but with an ambient glow emanating through every window and door.  Want your window styled? Let's have a chat about that


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