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Window displays: 

Dollard & Co., 2017

This treatment was the first window created for Dollard & Co., when they opened on Wellington Quay, Dublin in 2017. The brief was simple: make this the most beautiful window in Dublin city and bring in elements of summer and autumn. I went big with two olive trees and the two slices of giant trees to create a forest scene. A custom-made staircase propped up the products in the centre and added to the fairytale magical forest. I filled the left side with beautiful, colourful flowers and the right side with autumnal flowers and leaves. To finish, I hid two fans out of sight and hung petals from the trees to blow them around the window. The movement caught the eye of passers by and the elevated products were the perfect height for pedestrians. Talk to Lorraine if you'd like me to bring your window to life! 


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