Who dis?

This is Lorraine.

She’s the award-winning creative stylist and general force of nature behind Elk.

She loves nothing more than creating the most interesting, beautiful version of your reality (more Pinterest, less Black


Since 2015, she’s worked with a wide range of clients - from couples getting married to brands and retailers looking to

engage their audiences, developing their narratives and bringing their visions to life right before their eyes.


Extreme fun fact - she has a BA in Interior Architecture and was the stylist for Butlers Chocolates in her past life.


Right. What if I don’t have visions?

That’s cool too.

She’ll work with you to figure out what you want, and then, make it happen for you.

Like your fairy godmother, but real.

In other words, actually magic.


Get in touch here ……

Credit: Home page image by Wild Things Wed

Varied portfolio photographers:

Katya Koliban

Brendan Ryan 

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